1. Each child is invited to sing ONE piece of their own choosing for the conductors. It could be a favourite song learned at school or a well-known piece such as the Canadian national anthem or ‘Happy Birthday’.  We recommend avoiding pop songs or copying interpretations by popular artists. Your child should select a piece that best displays the quality of their voice.
  2. The audition may also include: singing back several intervals as played on the keyboard, reading a brief section from an age-appropriate book and other exercises.
  3. We invite children to bring their instruments and play a short piece for the conductors as part of their audition. Bringing an instrument is totally optional. If the child wishes to play the piano, there will be one available in the audition room.
  4. Please bring two (2) wallet-sized school photos of your child with their name written on the back of each. These photos will be used for your child’s chorister file upon acceptance in the organization.