By registering your child or yourself (if over 18 years old), you are agreeing to the Toronto Children’s Chorus’ policies as follows. 

Choir Contact Lists and Electronic Communications

Each season, the TCC gives families a basic contact list for their child’s choir containing the following information:

– Chorister’s Name
– Parent(s) Name(s)
– Address
– Telephone Number
– Email address

The contact list is very helpful for chorister/family communications throughout the year, including carpool arrangements and volunteer coordination. The list will be provided only to parents of your child’s choir. Please email either the Program Manager (Main Choir) or Program Coordinator (Prep-TCIII) by July 1 if you wish to have any of the above information removed from your child’s choir list.

Photography and Recording Policies

The TCC may take photographs and make recordings of choristers at rehearsals, concerts, workshops and other events, which may be used by the TCC and related parties in publications, marketing, and sales. Photography and videography by parents, choristers or audience members is not permitted unless expressly advised by a TCC staff member.

The TCC provides a choir class photo to every family each year. The photo includes each choir’s choristers in performance uniform, with conductor, accompanist and assistants.

You, as parents and choristers:

  • Will not provide the choir list or information contained in it to anyone other than parents or choristers of our child’s choir, nor use it for commercial or other purposes unrelated to the TCC.
  • Acknowledge that you are NOT permitted to photograph, videotape, or otherwise record TCC concerts, rehearsals, workshops, or other events, unless expressly advised by TCC staff at the event.
  • Consent to the use of photographs and recordings made by the TCC for publications, marketing and sales purposes, including social and online media.
  • Expressly consent to receive electronic communications from and on behalf of the TCC.

Please refer to the Chorister Handbooks

Please refer to the Parent and Chorister Handbook that outlines important information regarding participation in the Toronto Children’s Chorus (TCC). Please ensure that you and your child are aware of all requirements, including those relating to:

– Rehearsals, concerts, and camp attendance
– Uniforms and deportment
– Theory
– Care of music
– Fundraising
– Concert Tickets