Gloria Baldwin, TCC’s Development Officer

One of the greatest honours one can bestow on another is to support something uniquely cherished.

As a tribute to a special person, place, event or memory, why not consider giving an “in honour of” gift to the Toronto Children’s Chorus?

Either in honour of a memory or in celebration of a special moment, giving this way will last a lifetime. Remember, this gift, an expression of genuine sentiment, will not break, get lost, or become obsolete. Your good thoughts and generosity will be remembered for a lifetime.

The recipient of your tribute, an individual or a family, will receive a personalized card of recognition, acknowledging the gift you gave in tribute, memory, or celebration.

You will receive a heartfelt thank you note and a tax receipt for your donation.

We also want to encourage our parents, supporters, and friends to consider joining our “in lieu of” giving program. This is an opportunity for you to invite guests of your special event to consider a donation to the Chorus “ in lieu of” a present.

Every dollar at the Chorus is responsibly stretched to ensure that we continue to provide remarkable music education and performance experiences for our choristers.

To learn more about the TCC and other giving opportunities please contact Gloria Baldwin