Gloria Baldwin, TCC’s Development Officer

As the Development Officer of the Toronto Children’s Chorus, I am both professionally and personally delighted to join our Monthly Giving Sustainer Program.

Making this decision expresses my dedication to our mission and appreciation of our standing as world-renowned treble choir. It also reaffirms my belief in the value of giving monthly.

Monthly giving is an easy and stress-free way to show a charity support. Why in fact, 54% of all donors surveyed in the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report participated in a sustainer program and of those 54% an impressive 82% gave monthly. Giving monthly is not only a practical way to give but is also trendy.
It is a win- win situation. When you donate monthly, your charity of choice can budget more efficiently knowing what their monthly cash flow from donations will look like, while you the donor has removed the stress of remembering and asking, “is it time to give?”

I also welcome the flexibility aspect of monthly giving. I can sign up online through Canada Helps and join for as little as $5.00 a month or as much as $100 or more. Of course, if at any time my financial situation changes, I can increase or decrease my monthly contribution.

What doesn’t change is the good feeling in knowing you have made a sound investment and in uncertain times it is always a joy to know that you are in control of making a very wise good deed.